Why are transgender people normally emotional?

This article mainly discusses the influence of weather on the mood of transgender women. And here's a true portrayal of a trans woman.

If you want to have a successful and healthy relationship with a trans woman, the first and most thing you need to know is whether she is undergoing hormone replacement therapy. And there are two types of medication related to hormone replacement therapy. There are estrogen and anti-androgen.

According to her words, it has been raining in her area recently and she was depressed by the rain. She has been taking hormones since she was 16 and she can control her emotions most of the time. But sometimes she can't control it.

She said she was a pre-op transgender woman and she didn't intend to become a post-op trans people. And she is very satisfied her genitalia between her legs. But she had to use the anti-androgens to block her male characteristics that it propagates.

The effect of the anti-androgens is to balance the decreased libido with using estrogen only. So, she found herself not as sex as she was after taking estrogen alone. However, she find herself intensely sexual after she got her estrogen shots. And she begin to take estrogen shots every week and anti-androgens daily. Only when the estrogen and anti-androgen are used together will the transgender women be in a comfortable state.

Just like silver coins have two sides, so does estrogen. The good new of estrogen is that will make the skin clear and soft, bust the bad new is that will make people more emotional than usual. And for women, it is also bad new that it amplifies cravings for food.

This lead to trans women sometimes will look at life in a negative way particularly when the weather is not good. Compared with genetic women, trans women will feel get more lonelier sometimes. Therefore, don't be surprised if your trans partner will suddenly emotional and it's best to talk to her calmly. In other words, don't synchronize your emotions with hers. Another side effect of estrogen is that it will make people feel of just doing nothing and sleeping. And you may get lazy.

Some people may question why trans people take hormones if it only works in mental. She said it will make her fell feminine and more confident with it. Although the real reason is unknown why trans people take hormones.

As far as I'm concerned, you need to hold her hand through it. if the trans girl is undergoing hormone replacement therapy when you meet trans women . It will give her a sense of security and prove your sincerity to her. Besides, we should try our best to understand their difficulties because they are struggling with the hormonal medication.