The Best 4 First Date Places for Transgender Women Dating

Sometimes you may not idea where to go on your first date with a trans woman. In this situation, in which you need to feel more confident in your chances with the potential partner, and are eager to spend more time with her in a new place, you can opt for a first date that involves a little. And there is some experience shared by a transgender woman could help you to have an unforgettable date.

Movie and Candy

According to her words, her boyfriend is a gentleman and always hold her hand wherever they go. And she says that he sometimes would bought her candy. Because she was only 18, she didn't care whether he would take her to a luxury place. She also says that he complimented her as long as he saw her, and she thinks that's important if you are ready to take a trans woman on a date. She says the place they go most is the cinema, because it gives them the opportunity to be alone. Another advantage of going to the cinema for a date is that it increases the dependence of two people on each other, because it's dark around it.

Wine Bar

When the two of you become familiar, the wine bar is a good date spot. For some transgender women, they are naturally curious about wine tasting. But some trans women may get offended because they mey think you want to get them drunk.

For the heroine of this article, she liked how cozy they were together in a lounge and she thinks the wines could help them to be more comfortable and relaxing. Besides, because the lounge is not too bright that will make two people produce a sense of romance.

Theme Park

As a matter of fact, many women have a childlike heart so that they like to go to places full of children's fun like theme park. When it comes to games, some trans women are very competitive and like going on adventures. The theme park contains so many recreational facilities that will truly measure one's interest with her companion. According to her memory, she and her boyfriend spent hours riding different rides, playing all kinds of games and going to the haunted house and all of those experience were memorable.


Picnic have a lot going for two people as far as building attraction. But don't choose to anywhere too secluded because it will make a trans lady who doesn't know you very well feel uncomfortable. There are two advantages to going on a picnic on a first date and meet trans women. The first one is that you can demonstrate your skill and ingenuity in assembling the food you will bring. And another benefit is that nature is an incomparable backdrop and been shown to elicit all kinds of positive feelings.