Tips for female to male crossdressing

Crossdressing is very popular these days, from female to male or male to female. How to dress like the real men or women, many crossdressers and transgender people are not very clear about this question. Clothing style often plays an important role in the process of crossdressing. For female who want to dress as male, here are some important steps.

1. Think in men's way

The best way to make yourself look like a man is to think in men's way. Be gentle and humorous, because gentle and humorous men are most attractive. Pay attention to your clothing style, don't wear something out of style. You should believe that you are a man, then other people can believe that.

2. Choose the right clothes

Choose the right clothes for yourself, it means avoid being overly make-up, dress conservatively and comfortably. Don't forget to wear undergarments when you choose outfits, male boxers can be your est choice.

3. Pay attention to your chest

Pay attention to your chest, it means you need to hide your chest well. Baggy clothing, sports bra and compression shirts can always hide your chest. The style of your clothing is depend on your personal preference.

You can wear baggy tops, loosing clothing with tight pants. If you want to hide your chest, sports bra can be your best choice, it will not emphasize your body shape. Most importantly, sports bra is more comfortable than others.

Wearing compression shirts and pants. Tight shirts can compressing your chest, you are more like a man in this way. Many crossdresser and transgender men often choose bandage binding to hide their chest, but it is uncomfortable.

4. Act as a man

Act as a man by mimic other men's behavior. You can watch how your brother or friends act in daily life. For example, most men don't like to sit with their knees together. Walking with long strides naturally like a man. Always remember that you are a man.
5. Masculine hairstyle

Cut your long hair to look like a man. If you don't want to cut your hair, choose a wig for yourself.

6. Don't live like a girl

You need to forget that you are a woman, dress and act like a man. Don't be shy like a girl, always act as a man.

7. Make-up
You can also make up to make yourself look more masculine. Eyelash glue is necessary if you want to have some facial hair, but you need to practice many times before doing that.

If you are a crossdresser, or you are interested in crossdressing, these tips can really help you a lot. We can see some crossdressers in our life, they don't know how to dress and act, they look abnormal and strange. So, once you decided to crossdress, no matter from female to male or male to female, you'd better have a deep understanding on crossdressing, and read some advice and tips on how to crossdress. Only in this way, can you dress and act in the right way.