Stories of people in transgender relationships

As we all know that many people confuse transgender relationships with gay relationships. Transgender belongs to LGBT community, while transgender relationship is a simple relationship, just as all relationships, it is a relationship of a man and a woman. There are so many straight guys can really accept relationships with transgender woman. Relationships with transgender women can be romantic and pure. However, relationships with transgender men and women are both with great challenges. Here are dating stories of transgender couples.

"We met online, and we start the conversation with a random message like how do you do, it is my pleasure to meet you". "When I saw her picture, I was attracted by her. she is so beautiful and I'm very interested in her".

"When we started to chat with each other I found that we have many common interests, It is really hard to meet like-minded people both online and in real life, so I decided to keep in touch with her".
"We started with casual talks, and I didn't know she is a trans girl at first. Later, she told me that she is trans, but I never mind who she is, because I was fully attracted by her beauty and her special personality. I love her."

"I never think about dating a straight guy even it was my dream, because you know, it is really for transgender women to meet a guy who is willing to have a serious relationship with her. I'm the lucky one."

Gender identity is always a hot topic in transgender dating, how do cisgender people handle the discussion of gender identity? It is really confusing and many transgender people don't know when and how to tell their partner that they are trans.

"I was so surprised that when I told him that I'm a trans, he sent me a message saying that he never mind who I'm, he just know I'm a person, a woman. His words comforted me."

"I don't mind if my partner is a trans girl, I just focus on whether she is honest to me. I'm so happy that I met an honest girl. She told me that she is trans when we first met each other online."

Many people date transgender women only because they are curious about the process from men to women, this can never be your reason to trans date a transgender woman. There are a lot of danger for transgender people. It is so common that a transgender person not be respected by other people in public places. Someone who date a transgender person in public place may even be treated in indifferent way.

Pressure from their families is also a big problem for transgender people and transgender relationships. Other people in trans relationships may also feel anxiety if there families cannot accept their trans partners. It doesn't mwan their families are not open-minded, because it is so common that most people cannot accept ts dating a transgender person. They need more time to accept transgender relationshipsand your trans partners.