Perks of Dating A Trans Woman

Dating a transgender woman is a topic that discussed by many open-minded men. As a transgender woman, I found that people's interests and habits in dating have changed a lot, more and more people like t date transgender women, however, misunderstanding on transgender women is still here and there. The same as other women, I need a life time relationship, my desire life time partner should be the one who respect and love me.

As a transgender woman, I think no one knows transgender women and trans dating better than me. Transgender women have a sense of everything in life, because they've experienced more than anyone else. Transgender women never ask for too much when dating other people, and they know how to meet the needs of all men. I cannot say all transgender women are long for a long term relationship, at least most of us do. Besides different life experience, we are the same as all women. We can do the same as all women do, we do everything we can to maintain a long term relationship. Why more and more people want to date transgender women? One thing is for sure, transgender women are easy to get on with. We love to embrace love from serious men, because we all need to be loved. We always believe that everyone can meet the right one for a serious relationship.

Dating a transgender woman is different from what you thought. The dating process only needs respect and love. As I've mentioned before, love and respect are of great importance in all relationships. I mean that if you are a man who decides to date a transgender woman, you should be kind and respect your dating partner in all occasions. As a transgender woman, I can say that most of us are looking for serious relationship, we don't do drama. If you still think that transgender dating is for fun, and always look for something with drama, trans women, at least some of serious trans women cannot meet your needs. Once we are in a love relationship with someone, honesty and respect are of great importance for us. For example, I'm honest to all my dating partners, I tell them who am I before meet each other in real life. I never hide the truth that I'm a trans woman. I'm honest to you, so I hope you can be honest to me in return, especially be honest about your dating intention. I'm always looking for serious relationship, if you just want to date a trans woman for fun or hookup, please don't bother me.

Many people ask me what's the difference between women and trans women, I want to say that I'm a woman, a real woman. I cannot deny that I was born as a boy, but I'm the one who is living at present. Meanwhile, we know men better than any other women, due to our different life experience. I'm not persuade everyone to accept trans dating and start to date trans women here, I just want to try my best to change people's opinions on trans women and trans dating.